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Sole Proprietor

What are different ways to establish business in Pakistan

There are several ways by which a person can establish a business in Pakistan.  Different forms of business establishments include Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, Joint Ventures/ Collaborations, Association of Persons, Company etc.

Trade Mark

What is a trade mark?

A trade mark is a legal right bestowed on any person who pre-applied for protection of his brain child business. Trade mark can be a sign, logo, symbol, word or combination of all or any of above that a person can use to distinguish their business’ goods or services from those of other traders.

Personal Taxation

Individuals having high cash flows are subject to tax default based on their inefficient planning and strategy, which results in paying of taxes at higher rates. Their multiples sources of income render it more complex for them to strategize against higher tax rates.Although in such situation liaison, correspondence and compliance with employer or organization plays a vital role who as additional benefit also file returns on behalf of their employees, however, higher rate of taxes are paid due to ineffective or no linkage between the two.

Banking Laws

Commercial bank scheduled in Pakistan being regulated by State Bank of Pakistan offer several abundant finance facilities to customers based on their personal as well as business needs. However, during the processing and sanctioning of finance facilities different illegal modes are adopted by banks to secure their transactions and nevertheless take undue advantage over customers through several concealed stipulations not read and consented to by the customer or charging of illegal mark-up

Foreign Investment In Pakistan

Foreign Investment in Pakistan by foreign bodies or individuals is allowed in all business sectors including manufacturing, trading and services with 100% complete authority and without bringing on board local investors/ stakeholders. Pakistan has had a liberal investment regime in terms of legal protection and sectors open to investment. Moreover, profit or capital remittance shifts are made without any stipulations by routing the same from scheduled commercial banks

Good News For Chinese Companies

Around 700 small, medium and large scale Chinese companies are currently working in Pakistan investing in various sectors, including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and the number is growing rapidly.