How to do Court Marriage In Pakistan?

How to do Court Marriage in Pakistan?

Court Marriage Procedure In Pakistan

Laws of Pakistan offer full legal protection in favor of any citizen of Pakistan to marry a husband or wife of his/her choice. Right to marriage in Pakistan is a fundamental right and Pakistani laws provide complete legal protection to the spouse who approach for court marriage in Pakistan.  Hamza and Hamza Law Associates is the pioneer law firm to provide legal services in relation to court marriage in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan. We also deal in foreign marriage in Pakistan and provide services to Pakistani Nationals / Foreign Nationals who wish to marry in Pakistan or get their marriage registered in Pakistan.

Marriage is contract between husband and wife however, prevailing law requires registration of marriage irrespective of whether it is marriage conducted in court or arranged marriage. It is noteworthy that any default in registering a court marriage is a crime in Pakistan. The court marriage in conducted in presence of Nikahkhawan and 2 witnesses and a complete legal protection is also provided to the spouse so that no illegal action could be taken against them.

Documents required for court Marriage

  • CNIC copy of husband and wife
  • CNIN of 2 witnesses
  • Two passport size pictures of husband and wife

It is noteworthy that in Punjab age of court marriage is the age of puberty and not age of majority. This means that females who are not of 18 years of age can also have their marriage registered.

The procedure of court marriage in Pakistan only takes about 2 hours and we have made the procedure of court marriage in Pakistan very easy for our clients. All you need to do is to contact us at least one hour before you have decided to have your court marriage done so that we could make the arrangements and finish your work in time.

In court marriage we will also take you and your spouse to the court for the purpose to have your statement recorded before a magistrate that you have done this court marriage with your free will and consent and there was no threat or compulsion on you to enter into the marriage relationship with your spouse to help save your spouse and you with complete legal protection from any future false complaints or FIRs as may be registered with Police or other relevant authorities by any person for purpose to blackmail or harass you or your spouse.