How To File A Complaint Against Cyber-Crime In Pakistan?

File a Complaint Against Cybercrime in Pakistan

Government of Pakistan has introduced Cybercrime laws in Pakistan to regulate the activity of persons on electronic forums including not only facebook, whatsapp, telegram, twitter and other platforms but also the use of mobile.

In case if some person has hacked your Facebook or has posted your pictures online without your approval and permission or if you think some person is trying to harm you reputation or defame you by posting morphed or edited picture online or through sharing with different people, or if someone is doing any act to spread hatred online or any similar act online, all you need to do is to file a complaint online and report such cybercrimes to NR3C which as such is an online complaint Centre of Federal Investigation Authority Cyber Crime Wing.

Filing a complaint against any act that constitute cyber crime in Pakistan has become very convenient. Some of the acts that constitute cybercrime in Pakistan that can be reported to FIA cybercrime wing of FIA are as follow:

  • Some person has made a fake Facebook ID or Twitter ID with your name
  • Someone has posted your images and videos without your consent no matter how he received such images and videos.
  • Some person is spreading or attempting to spread racial or ethnic hatred online via facebook, twitter etc
  • Hack into you private data base including but not limited to Facebook, Email and website etc.
  • Some person gained un-authorized access to your electronic devise including laptop, phone etc.
  • Any act by which you reputation is being harmed or you are being defames through use of electronic device
  • Fund Transfer Fraud through bank online, ATM, Upaisa, Jazzcash, Easypaisa or any other online fund transfer facility

How to Report Cyber Crimes

Follow the below detailed procedure for reporting an offence to FIA Cyber Crime Wing in Pakistan, if you are a victim of any one or more offences mentioned above:

  • Register a complaint online by accessing the link: (
  • You can also register a complaint via email at (
  • Complaint must state you name, address, CNIC No. with all possible details of the act that you want to report and name of the person or URL/link of profile through which cybercrime offence is being committed in Pakistan.
  • You can also Register Complaint in person against Cyber Crimes by making hard-copy application to nearest FIA Cyber Crime Station or by mailing it to Director NR3C-FIA, National Police Foundation Building, 2nd Floor, Mauve Area, G-10/4, Islamabad.

How to Write a Complaint against a Cyber Crime?

It is important that you write your complaint with full details of the cybercrime offence in Pakistan. Complaint can be made both in English or urdu but it must be accompanied with all the evidence that substantiate your stance including screenshot of Facebook page, pictures posted online, messages or pictures that you received through mobile facetime, telegram, facebook messenger etc.

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How effective is it to Complain with NR3C?

FIA Cyber Crime Wing / NR3C over the years has become very strong and resourceful. They have authority to gather and retrieve information from Cellular companies, facebook, twitter, telegram and others forums which help reach the person who has committed cybercrime in Pakistan, in furtherance to a complaint.
Inquiry in the complaint is initiated that is necessary to reach to the accused person who has alleged to have committed cybercrime in Pakistan. Complaint may take a little time depending on the information and proof attached with it. So it is important that complaint must be drafted by professional lawyer who also assist in appending the proper evidence necessary to initiate action against the offender and decide the complaint in quicker fashion.

How to Get Update on Complaints:

You can email at or contact FIA Cyber Crime Wing on 051-9106384 or mobile no. 03366006060 for any queries against your complaint and update.

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