How To Register a Medical Store (Pharmacy) in Pakistan

How to Register a Medical Store In Pakistan

Medical Store or Medical Pharmacy is important line of business not just in Pakistan but also abroad. Amid the covid19 crises, in Pakistan, more and more people are establishing medical stores and pharmacies. Medicines even otherwise have a never ending demand in Pakistan for which reason this line of business has never ending potential in Pakistan. Important legal reforms in year 2017 took place in Punjab in terms of which not only definition of substandard drugs was introduced but also certain offences and hefty penalties were added for coping with the increasing menace of spurious, adulterated and substandard drugs.

License Requirements for a Medical Store or Pharmacy in Pakistan

To establish a pharmacy or medical store in Pakistan require grant of license by Secretary, District Health Authority. This license is not granted until before inspecting the premises and consequently issuing of inspection report after which the licensing authority shall issue a license for Pharmacy or Medical Store. Difference between Pharmacy or a Medical Store is that for the purpose of Pharmacy there must be pharmacist who must be present at premises to supervise the sale of certain drugs that are prohibited to be stored and sold to any person without prescription. Thus medical store can only retain, stock and sell such medicines which do not require prescription.

License for pharmacy or medical store as the case may be, shall be issued by the licensing authority subject to following amongst others:

The premises must have a proper and adequate facility for refrigerator facility and storage of drugs; measure to ensure protection of drugs from direct sunlight, dust or dirt.

The premises must not just be clean and tidy but drugs should be stored in hygienic condition.

Pharmacy must fulfil requirement detailed in Drugs Laws and Rules.

Requirement with reference to covered area of Pharmacy or medical store must be fulfilled. However, important to note that covered area of the premises of a pharmacy and medical store is different as enshrined under the law.

A person applying for the registration must fulfil qualification criteria as detailed in section 25 of the Pharmacy Act 1976. One of the key requirement is that each pharmacy must have pharmacist available to supervise the sale of drugs.

Application and Fee for Pharmacy License in Pakistan

A person may apply to the licensing authority for the grant or renewal of a license under Drug Rules 1976. The applicant shall deposit the fee for a license in the Head of Account No. 1252-Health-Other Receipt, at the following rates:

  • Rs 3000 for a license of a pharmacy and Rs 2000 for a license of a medical store
  • 2000 for renewal of a license of a pharmacy and Rs 1000 for renewal of a license of a medical store

The licensing authority shall issue or renew a license subject to the conditions prescribed in the Act and the rules.

In case if you desires to sell, store, exhibit for sale or distribute drugs at more than one place, you shall have to apply for a separate license in respect of each place. However, in case where drugs are stored in godown for mere purpose of storage while storage conditions are met, you are not required to separated register the godown under the law.