Hamza and Hamza Law Associates is the only law firm that is dealing in Sport law in Pakistan. Principally there exist only, The Sport (Development and Control) Ordinance, 1962 that deals with Sports related legislation. In terms of this legislation under Section 3 and 4 Federal Government is empowered to establish and constitute one or more boards for the purpose to develop, regulate and control standards in line with international laws and policies to deal with sports in Pakistan. In doing so, Government of Pakistan has established Sports Board and Pakistan Cricket Board.  Purpose of Pakistan Cricket Board is exclusively to develop, regulate and control cricket in Pakistan. On the other hand, Sports Board is established with domain to deal with all other Sports.

Sports law in still an emerging field in Pakistan. Mostly, the sports related issues in Pakistan are pertaining to Broadcasting rights, Contract drafting and enforcements, copyright registration and trade-mark infringement, corruption, anti-doping, illegal activities in sports (Spot-fixing or match-fixing), Advertisement and Sponsorship contracts and disputes, celebrity management, ungoverned authorities, and tax related issues.

Being the only law firm in Pakistan dealing with sport law related disputes, Hamza and Hamza Law Associates provide the best outcome solution with regard to sport law related disputes. We offer highly specialized, practical and effective solutions in this business sector. We exercise a focused approach towards the specific requirements of our client.

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