Why Do you need to Register your Startup/Company in Pakistan

How to Register a new Start ups in Pakistan ?

Pakistan is 26th largest economy in the world with a population of more then 200 Millions. In recent years, thousands of students graduated from the universities of Pakistan and many started their own startups across the country

Startup Industry is Advancing rapidly. Owing to Government initiates and awareness around technology and entrepreneurship, several universities have incubators and entrepreneurial societies to inculate the spirit of learning in young students. The result? We now have several hundred startups who work to improve the life of people around the world, make profitable business ventures, and increase job creation.  

Why do you need to Register your start up?

Every business required registration to operate its activities in the country; likewise startup also required registration before going to start their operations in Pakistan. Almost, every startup is calculating the net worth of business after investing in it which can only be determine through different parameters but in legal terms it only worth when its registered.
Hamza & Hamza Law Associates who is working since long times to assist people in registration process which is die-hard and hectic but through us as we own expertise in this can save your time, energy and money. And you will be able to concentrate your full focus in your business promotion and operations.
What are different ways to establish business in Pakistan
There are several ways by which a person can establish a business in Pakistan. Different forms of business establishments include Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, Joint Ventures/ Collaborations, Association of Persons, Company etc. However, the most common business establishments in Pakistan are as follow:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership Firm
  • Private Limited Company

Which is the most beneficial type of business Establishment?
The decision to choose the beneficial type of establishment is completely based on the particular nature of business as every sector has its own benefits and drawbacks. While choosing the right type of establishment for any business sector, some major factor that need to be considered including Tax benefits and exemptions on a particular sector, loan finance requirements, legal benefits and impediments, scope and object of business, flexibility of operations and other underlying factors.

We also assist our clients in trademark registration, as it’s play very vital to secure your brand from stealing by someone else. Therefore, every startup should register trademark as well before starting operation. There are many incubators open in almost every big cities of Pakistan. At where new startups are being facilitate in much more professional way and they don’t need to open office separately. 

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