How to send Divorce notice to wife in Pakistan?

If you are an overseas Pakistani and you wish to dissolve your marriage by giving divorce to your wife, now you can do it without your presence in Pakistan.

Divorce Procedure for Overseas Pakistanis

(i)        if you are an overseas Pakistani husband wishing to divorce your wife residing in Pakistan, you will be required to execute a divorce deed and a special power of attorney nominating any person present in Pakistan as your special attorney/representative, and get these documents attested from nearest Pakistan High Commission in your country and send these documents to Pakistan via any registered courier to your representative.

(ii)       Your representative shall accordingly upon receiving the divorce deed and special power of attorney get same counter-attested from nearest Pakistani Foreign Office.

(iii)      Once the documents are attested from local Foreign Office, your special attorney/representative can file application or issuance of Divorce Effective Certificate at the Union Council where your wife is currently residing.

(iv)      Chairman Union Council shall appoint an arbitration committee which shall upon lapse of 90 days period issue the Divorce Effectiveness Certificate.